Best Bars & Restaurants To Visit This Summer

Best Bars & Restaurants To Visit This Summer


Best Bars & Restaurants To Visit This Summer


Unless you eat, sleep and breathe the London bar scene it really is impossible to keep up with every new place that opens. As the balmy evenings are upon us, we are all looking for the best spots to sit down have a drink, soak up the weather and listen to some good music. If you’re anything like me then you’ll be stuck with whether to try one of these new chic places popping up or stick to one of your regulars that knows your order off by heart. We have carefully curated a list of London’s best bars and restaurants that you shouldn’t miss out on this summer, take a look!!




Jumbi is a brand-new Hi-Fi bar based in Peckham, South London. The founders Bradley Zero and Nathanael Williams designed the venue to be centred around Hi-FI, a turntable built with a bespoke booth & a vinyl library bigger than anything you can imagine. A post on their Instagram describing the experience was “Jumbi library contains my entire vinyl collection from which we’ll invite guests to select records from. The single turntable concept is an attempt to encourage deep listening and prioritise selection above mixing. Jumbi isn’t a club - it’s a hang out centred around music, food and drink.” Jumbi is a completely new experience that London has been missing, the bar has been open for two weeks on a soft open and will continue until the end of July, following with full program in August. Honestly this is not a place to miss, if you’re looking for somewhere to chill with friends, have great food and listen to some nostalgic tunes Jumbi is most definitely the place for you.

Jumbi Bar Peckham



02. Seabird


If you’re looking for something a bit more upmarket look no further as the Seabird has you covered. Nestled high up on the 14th floor of The Hoxton Southwark hotel, the Seabird has one of the longest oyster lists in London. Not to mention the views it boasts looking over at the London skyline is perfect for sipping cocktails on a summer’s day. Although the Seabird is on the 14th floor they haven’t spared any costs with making you feel as though you are in the Mediterranean, the rattan lampshades, tiled tables and indoor plants punctuate the room, and a live DJ spins vinyl records with the view of the city behind him.

Seabird Restaurant



03. The Spurstowe Arms


Not so much a bar, more of a classic English Pub. Nevertheless, The Spurstowe Arms has become one of London’s biggest hidden gems. Ran by head chef Elliot Cunningham who over lockdown showcased his cooking abilities on Instagram. His menu is based off Fire Pit cooking, and I promise you won’t disappoint. The garden is a nice size and has a great ambience, perfect location for lunch with friends or a casual first date.

The Spurstowe Arms



04. The Smoking Goat


Hidden away in Shoreditch The Smoking Goat is a great place to eat and drink for larger groups, so if you are meeting up with old friends or have a birthday to celebrate this is an ideal spot. The ceilings are high, and the tables are long, with a relaxed service your group will feel at home, the short menu makes it easy to order and experimental cocktails are sure to please. The smoking Goat serves quirky Bangkok inspired dishes, there menu is seasonal, and you’ll always find new additions added when you visit, however they never disappoint.

The Smoking Goat Restaurant



Now you've had a chance to check out some our favourite picks for the summer we would love to know what yours are!!


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