How To Dress For Summer

How To Dress For Summer

Our first summer back to what now feels like a foreign normality, holidays are back on, bars, clubs and restaurants and galleries are prepped and ready for what will be our first proper summer out of COVID. If you’re a bit like me you’re already planning to make the most of it, so this means carefully building our wardrobe for every possible eventuality.

Take a look at 3 picks our editorial team have constructed to get you through this summer in style.



Summers Day Out



For many this might be the first time in a while you’ve really connected with friends in the sun again. Theirs only really one way to knock that anxiety… and that’s dress to impress. Now theirs only one way to do this and its to get out your comfort zone, this is the opportunity to try something new or throw on that piece you’ve always hesitated wearing. Think bold colours and wider than average trousers. Here’s a look we have built for you... Caleb workwear pants in black and Austin bowling shirt, casual but sophisticated, pair it with a white tee and you’re good to go.   





The Date Night


In this modern-day age dates can go either three ways. You can either end up roaming the town for hours, getting an early uber home or even waking up to a coffee and breakfast. Either way your outfit is essential, although its summer we have all been there when it turns to night, and we are out in a tee shivering... So, the key to this is layers. A white T layered with our flannel checked overshirt is a perfect look, you can also add a denim jacket to split up the fabrics. On the bottom our Caleb workwear pants in black, creating a multi purpose fit. 





Summer Adventure


Whether it be much needed trip to the beach or a nice walk in the highlands or lake district the fit is what’s going to make you feel most comfortable. You’re going to want to wear something light and airy. The most practical thing to wear is a nice shirt and shorts. Our Rainforest Shirt and Pete skinny shorts is the perfect attire for any summer adventure.




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