Our Summer Records

Our Summer Records

Summer is finally here…


I don’t know about you guys but there’s nothing better than cracking open a beer, throwing some burgers on the BBQ, putting your feet up and listening to some tunes.


Here at Chet Rock, we are always having the debate of which summer track is the best. Now there's a few variables when choosing this, there’s that track that reminds you of summers been and summers to come, that track that you always get ready to/put on at the pre drinks or that track that just all around makes you feel good whenever you hear it.


We’ve asked the team what their summer go to record is and we want to know yours, tag us in your Chet rock fit and favourite summer record...




Love Calls (Darryl James Mix)

Movement, The Brazilian Job (DJ Marky)

Hate It Or Love It (The Game & 50Cent)

Lovely Day (Bill Withers)

People Everyday (Arrested Development)

If You Think You're Lonely Now (Bobby Womack)



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