The Origin Of Workwear

The Origin Of Workwear


Over the years workwear has somewhat moved from its original use to a staple piece in every man’s wardrobe. Is it the durability, is it the comfortability, is it the throw it on with anything and still look good or is it all the above and so much more? All we do know is that workwear has truly solidified its position within the culture.  


The essence of workwear began in the steel yards, farms, ships and really any rugged manual labour job centuries ago. The durability and never-ending pockets and compartments made the robust pieces an ideal uniform. The cuts and fabrics have become crispier and is now worn by many who sit in board room meetings, disposing from the type of work to which the clothes’ original purpose was. Over the years it has embedded itself so deep within the culture that it now even invites designer collaborations which previously would have been a taboo topic.


Here at Chet Rock workwear was the foundations on which we grew from. Creating a modern twist on our favourite classic pieces for generations to come has always been our aim. From our Corsair Shirt to Caleb Workwear Pants to our Tokyo Jeans each piece has been design from the basis of workwear. We have worked tirelessly on picking the best fabrics and cuts to ensure we can continuously provide you undeniable quality time and time again.


We have picked out some our favourite workwear pieces that express our love and dedication to quality. Take a look below and let us know your favourite pieces...


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