You're Never Too Old For Streetwear

You're Never Too Old For Streetwear

You’re Never Too Old for Streetwear


In recent years there has been a huge debate as to whether you can become old to wear streetwear. Some of the biggest fashion publications have deemed streetwear as a young man’s game, however, how can age depict what you should like, buy, or wear.


The love of streetwear can’t just be turned off because you’ve past three decades. In fact, the influx in money should theoretically allow you to spend more. The original appeal of streetwear was to create another alternative to high street stores and designer brands. Each brand was unique and hard to come by, they soaked up inspiration from music, film, and art references, creating pieces mainly for themselves and friends. These brands soon caught the attention of other likeminded people which in turn began to create a community, of which we now know as streetwear.


It's hard to think of the same old heads that helped pioneer a whole new style give into the social pressures and not truly express themselves through their personal wardrobe, so why should you!!


In a world where streetwear is run by 14–28-year-olds it’s hard to see were a middle-aged man fits into that picture. However, in somewhat as the originators grow older a second world has been formed, big graphic print tees are a thing of the past, shirts and Japanese tailoring is in, and the quality and construction of the garment is top priority.


The constant elevation of streetwear is down to the men who pioneered it and if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be any growth, so in other words you can never be too old for streetwear.



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